• Thank you for making me feel a career in TV is possible

Daisy, Runner/Student

  • A great experience to learn more and get advice for future endevours/career paths

Marli, Casual Safety Steward

  • Exceeded my expectations, feel like I’ve learnt so much in a short space of time. Definitely feel motivated going forward.

Surinder, Unemployed

  • Very lively detailed and interesting testimonies tips and down to earth advice

Sophie, Freelance PA/Coordinator

  • A great introduction on how to break into the industry with some honest advice and tips,

Louise, Production Coordinator

  • I am now more confident in how to present my skill set in person and on paper.

Tamilla, Graduate/Freelancer

  • Very informative & self esteem building

Isabella, Stage Manager

  • I feel more confident about looking for jobs and what to look for

Matthew, Sales Assistant

  • Fantastic! Extremely informative event tailored to the film and tv industry. Knowledgeable speakers and resources.

Sophia, Graduate/Production Assistant

  • It really helpful workshop for people who want to get into film

David,  Post Production Runner

  • The best session about finding a job in the industry so far, very inspiring

Jenny, TV Masters Student

  • Georgina and Sinitta enthusiastically guide emerging industry professionals through the TV and film application process with detailed clarity. I am so grateful I learned from this insightful programme.

Maria, Freelance Visual Artist

  • Wow! Before I gave Georgina my c.v. It was, to me alright, once I received it back after Georgina putting her touch to it, all I am going to say is I can’t wait to get this new c.v. and cover letter out to employers. It is well worth having it done 10 out of 10 well done,

Robert, Runner

  • Motivating, inspiring, empowering.

Letty, Production Assistant

  • A very warm and interesting day. I enjoyed being surrounded by other aspiring filmmakers, sharing views and feel confident for the new year! Thanks a lot.

Liam, Freelance Editor

  • Friendly and relaxed session with comprehensive advice for people from different experienced backgrounds. Given me an idea of where to start!

Ellie, Account Manager

  • A good way to get a very first overview of the industry.

Francesca, Marketing Manager

  • The presenters were clear and concise. I especially felt at ease and more confident that I can move ahead.

Kim, Scriptwriter

  • The masterclass gave me the skills information and confidence to dive head first pursuing a career in the entertainment industry.

Elizabeth, Student

  • After the session, I feel more confident to reach out to potential employers.

Tjasa, Attendee

  • Very well structured, full of information. This has helped me with confidence applying for roles and creating CV/Cover letter.

Adrian, Technician